With the increasing capacity of the power system, the scope of more and more wide, only the system components of the relay protection device, far from the full power system to prevent long-term large-scale power outage serious accident. To this end, it is necessary to proceed from the overall situation of the power system to study the failure of the corresponding components after the action of the relay protection device, the system will show what conditions, the system will lose stability when what features, how to resume normal operation and so on.
System protection task is when the normal operation of large power system is destroyed, as far as possible to limit the scope of its impact to a minimum, load power outage to a minimum.
The protection, control and measurement functions are initially performed by electromechanical components, which are then done by static components and finally by digital equipment. The digital device integrates all of these functions into a single device, known as an intelligent electronic device (IED). These IEDs must not only perform all the functions related to protection and control, but also communicate quickly, share information with each other, and send this information to the control dispatch center, which reduces the number of components and wiring by up to 70 %.
BP500 is part of this new generation of equipment, and can easily be used with the substation automation system.
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